Outreach Ministries

Street Evangelizing

ETHBC students evangelize on the streets.

Since ETHBC opened its doors in 2001, the students have won over 42,000 souls to the Lord through a variety of ministry outreaches and placed them in local churches for discipleship.

Hospital Visitation

Students pray for a boy in the hospital

Jesus works by the sides of the students, “confirming the word with signs and wonders.” The blind have seen, the deaf hear, the lame walk, and even one dead has been raised–to the glory of God!

The students don’t do visitations during semester breaks. Following one break, the head nurse greeted them with these words, “Where have you people been? Since you have not been coming here, the people are dying!”

Prison Ministry

Prison Ministry

We work with inmates in a prison that is preparing them to return to society. We also work with local churches to assist them and provide a church family for them when they are released, so they can truly begin a new life. We built a worship shelter there to protect from weather conditions while holding classes and times of worship. The National Prisons Bureau was so grateful, that they have allowed us entry to any prison in the Western region of Ghana.


Storming the Gates Crusade

ETHBC holds Storming the Gates Crusades yearly. Students are taught all aspects of the necessary activities for holding a crusade. They also participate in these various aspects–from forming the praise and worship team, preaching, maintaining the sound equipment, taking the names and contact information of those confessing Christ, and praying for the needs of the people. Hundreds confess Christ during these crusades. Because we work with the local pastors, the new converts are immediately placed in the local churches for discipleship.

Christmas Outreach

Christmas Evening Outreach

On Christmas Evening, Rev. Dr. Anthony and a few students take bags of food prepared by Dr. Anthony’s wife, Grace, and go downtown Takoradi to the Market Center after 9 p.m. There they find the homeless, give them the food, talk with them, and present the Gospel.

Foreign Missions

Student preaching on a mission trip

End Time Harvest Bible College has embarked on foreign missions to Côte d’Ivoire, South Africa and Kenya. All students are used daily based on their gifts. Mission outreaches include outdoor crusades, church revivals, street evangelism, feeding programs, and leadership seminars. As you embark on these missions, you will touch lives for all eternity!