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Can you think of a better way to invest in the Kingdom?

ETHBC strives to keep costs low to enable as many Ghanaians as possible to be equipped for their calling. Tuition is a fraction of that at similar Ghanaian institutions. A student can complete a fully accredited four-year Bachelor’s Degree program at ETHBC for less than half the cost of a single semester at a community college in the USA.

How can such a small amount be a financial burden to a student?

The median income in Ghana is $314 a month, and the cost of living is very high. Full-time students are not able to work part-time while attending school. Few have families willing to support their pursuit of a biblical education, as they consider it a waste of their meager resources. Likewise, few churches provide financial support. Thus, $140 a semester a tremendous obstacle for many students. Nearly all need assistance to some degree to complete their studies.

How can a college education cost so little?

Tuition pays only for staff salaries, which, by U.S. standards, are very low. Most instructors are full-time senior pastors or founding pastors and teach only one class a semester. They consider teaching at ETHBC part of their ministry and not a significant source of income.

One semester’s tuition

One semester’s dormitory fee