Expected Behavior

All students admitted to End Time Harvest Bible College are expected to refrain from the use of or involvement in: alcoholic beverages (including beer and/or wine), and other forms of intoxicants, tobacco in any form, habit-forming or illegal drugs, illicit or perverted sex, or any practice or form of entertainment that is detrimental either to personal growth or testimony to the world.

End Time Harvest Bible College will not permit immoral living, including cohabitation, extramarital sexual affairs, homosexuality, lesbianism, prostitution, pornography, or any form of conduct involving unbiblical sexual activities. Involvement in any area outlined above at any time during your enrollment, whether on campus or elsewhere, is grounds for immediate dismissal.

Any academic dishonesty—including but not limited to plagiarism or cheating—will result in a zero grade on the respective assignment, quiz, or exam. A second offense will result in immediate dismissal from End Time Harvest Bible College.

Graduation Requirements