The Flaming Arrow Network (F.A.N.)


The mission of the Flaming Arrow Network—known as F.A.N.—is to provide a spiritual covering consisting of mentorship, partnership, and ordination to the alumni of End Time Harvest Bible College.

F.A.N. members will be mentored by the Chancellor and other staff of End Time Harvest Bible College. Mentorship meetings will be held quarterly and will include a discussion of goals and plans; follow-up of previous meetings’ discussions; and an opportunity for the F.A.N. member to discuss personal and/or ministerial issues.

F.A.N. members will also participate in joint programs with all members of F.A.N.

The Flaming Arrow Network provides a place of partnership between End Time Harvest Bible College and the members of F.A.N.

The Chancellor or other members of the Board of the Flaming Arrow Network will either speak once a year in the F.A.N. member’s ministry or participate in a program held at the member’s church.

F.A.N. Board Members will attend church services of F.A.N. members to demonstrate to the member’s ministry that he/she is backed by an organization. Attending members’ services also gives the Board Members insight into how the ministry is conducted, which will help make future mentorship meetings more productive.

All members of F.A.N. are expected to consistently support End Time Harvest Ministries financially. This could be as often as a monthly seed, or, at minimum, an annual seed.

Ordination in F.A.N. is primarily designed to provide alumni who are independent of a denomination, or who have founded their own ministry, an opportunity to be ordained and gazetted by the government of Ghana. Alumni who are currently ordained by another church body may still join F.A.N. to participate in Mentorship and Partnership.

Alumni who are pastors in existing churches must be given permission by their General Overseer to be ordained by End Time Harvest Ministries.

To be ordained, a candidate must participate in three or four sessions with the Board Members of F.A.N. covering doctrine, marital concepts, legalities of Cap 27, and baptism and burial of members.

There are financial responsibilities associated with ordination:

  • Initial Ordination Fee: 200GH¢
  • Ordination Renewal (every three years): 50 GH¢
  • Gazette Fee: 800 GH¢

The Ordination Fee is paid to End Time Harvest Bible College and includes an ordination card, which must be renewed every three years. To be renewed, the candidate must be in good standing with the Flaming Arrow Network and pay the renewal fee of 50GH¢ prior to the expiry date on the card. Ordinees will be notified one year prior to their expiry date.

The Gazette Fee is a one-time fee paid to S.A.E.M.A. All that is necessary for the candidate to be gazetted will be done on their behalf.