Storming the Gates Outreach Fund

More than 40,000 souls have been won to Christ and connected to local churches for discipleship through ETHBC’s student Evangelism and Outreach programs. These include:

Three-night Crusades held twice each semester in cities and towns throughout Ghana. Costs include publicity, venue rental, food, and lodging.

Weekly street evangelism and visitations to hospitals, prisons, orphanages, and refugee camps. Costs include student transportation and occasional gifts.

Annual Leadership Conference and Workshop where senior ministers from outside ETHBC impart into students as well as alumni, friends, and other pastors. These events further develop and equip the students and provide an atmosphere of revival. Costs include publicity and speaker honorariums.

Radio and television programming to share the Gospel, provide sound biblical teaching, and provide exposure for the Bible College.

Three-Night Crusade

Weekly Outreaches

$1,000 to $2,000
Leaders’ Conference and Workshop

Radio Outreach

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Storming the Gates

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