God’s Vision Marches On

Continuation of the Vision

By:  Reverend Dr. Aaron Anthony, Chancellor

It was the year 1993… and I had just returned from my first mission trip to Ghana.  Early in the morning, God showed me a vision, that would drastically change not only my life, but alter the destinies of many to come!

In this vision, I saw five buildings in the shape of a cross, with a round building as the center of the cross.  I then saw people entering this building, only for them to be running out proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Lastly, before the vision ended, God gave me the name… End Time Harvest Ministries.

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Be Set for Eternity

Greetings from Pastor Aaron, Founder of End Time Harvest Bible College

Dear Partners and Friends,

Turbulent times are upon us!  Winds of change have blown throughout the political and economic spheres of this world.  Ungodliness continues to advance at an alarming rate.  People of this world continue to be driven about by all sorts of immoral vices and selfish ambitions.  Many are blinded and deceived by the devil through false religions causing our generation to be void of any consciousness to the truth of God’s love and His ultimate desire, to have a relationship with His creation!

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Congrats Grads!


Celebrating our 14th Graduation

As the night dissipated, a new day approached… a day charged with excitement and joy, where the smiles on the faces of our graduates were as glorious as the sun beaming down upon those in attendance.

The 14th graduation was an awesome day, where nearly 2,000 people came to witness as our 43 graduates earned their diplomas and degrees.

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Congrats Grads!

Congratulations, Class of 2014!

A Benchmark! Our First Part-Time Bachelors Degrees!

These six students (upper right) attended Saturday classes for six years to earn their fully accredited Bachelors of Biblical Studies!

We are proud of all of our graduates, but we must salute the perseverance of these six.

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