Congrats Grads!

2017 Graduation–Takoradi Campus

The 16th Graduation Ceremony took place once again at Essipon Sports Stadium, where a total of 45 men and women received their Diplomas and Bachelors Degrees! Read more…

Congrats Grads!

15th Graduation Ceremony for our Takoradi Campus

 Part-Time Program Diploma Class of 2016

Part-Time Program
Three-Year Diploma Class of 2016

The 15th Graduation Ceremony was an historic graduation, in the sense, that we celebrate over 600 graduates passing through the ministry since our beginning in the year 2001! It was a day filled with joy as each class received their well-earned diplomas and degrees!

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Profound Statements from Our Students

Excerpts from the Valedictorian Speeches of Each of our Four Programs

As you read these profound statements from our valedictorians, praise God for all He has poured into all our graduates during their time at End Time Harvest Bible College.  Be blessed as you read these, for our  partners have played a big part in making their academic education and ministerial training available and such a visible success. Read more…

Congrats Grads!


Celebrating our 14th Graduation

As the night dissipated, a new day approached… a day charged with excitement and joy, where the smiles on the faces of our graduates were as glorious as the sun beaming down upon those in attendance.

The 14th graduation was an awesome day, where nearly 2,000 people came to witness as our 43 graduates earned their diplomas and degrees.

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