Student Life

Corporate worship service
Students draw near to the presence of God in weekly chapel services that feature anointed worship and challenging and edifying messages from the Word of God.

Students’ spiritual lives are enhanced and enriched through:

  • Daily times of worship and prayer through morning devotions
  • Holy Spirit manifestations during classes
  • Weekly chapel services
  • Prophetic all-night prayer services
  • Special anointing services

The results of enhanced and enriched spiritual lives are revealed as students:

  • Begin to know God in a deeper dimension
  • Gain deeper insight into the Word of God
  • Develop their spiritual gifts and refine their divine calling

On Campus

On-campus living provides an excellent atmosphere for fellowship, developing a deeper prayer and devotional life, an optimal study atmosphere, and saves money by eliminating the need for public transportation. Dormitory fees include the cost of utilities.

The Takoradi Campus offers a men’s dormitory, along with a recreation hall, kitchen, and dining hall. Both men’s and women’s dormitories are available at the Tarkwa campus, along with a kitchen and recreation hall.

What to Bring

Students living on campus must provide their own mattress and their own meals. Please bring your own cooking and eating utensils as well as your own food.

Move-in / Move-out Schedule

Students may move in the week of Orientation and must move out no later than the week after the semester ends. Refer to the Events Calendar for dates.

Off Campus

For those desiring to live off campus, housing options are available within the surrounding towns. Public buses and taxis are available to transport students to both campuses.

Students will gain practical ministry opportunities as they minister in weekly and semesterly outreaches through:

A student shares the Gospel on the street
Student teams travel to nearby towns and share the Gospel with hundreds of people every week in street evangelism.

  • Participating in weekly street evangelism “Anagkazo” outreaches.
  • Personally praying for hundreds of patients in the “Bethesda” hospital outreaches.
  • Taking part in the restorative prison ministry, conveying the message to inmates that they are not a “waste,” but that God has a plan for their life.
  • Joining a foreign mission trip.

  • Taking an active role in the semesterly Storming the Gates Crusades and Revival services:

  • Participate in the planning and coordination of these services.
  • Serve in various capacities to gain practical ministry experience.
  • Minister through the Altar Call team.

Standards of dress for those in training for a position in the body of Christ go beyond that of other believers. In every case, student dress shall be neat, clean, modest, appropriate, and consistent with Christian testimony.


Full-Time Students

Part-Time Students



Monday First Saturday ETHBC Shirt with appropriate trousers and shoes ETHBC shirt with appropriate skirt or trousers and shoes
Tuesday and Thursday Second and Fourth Saturday Blue dress shirt with black or blue trousers, appropriate tie, matching socks, black dress shoes Blue blouse with black or blue skirt/trousers, black dress shoes or sandals
Wednesday and Friday Third and Fifth Saturday White dress shirt with black, blue, or brown trousers, appropriate tie, matching socks, black or brown dress shoes White blouse with black, blue, or brown skirt/trousers, black or brown dress shoes or sandals


Hair must be kept neat, clean, and well groomed. Any extreme fashion, style, design, cut, or artificial color is prohibited. Facial hair for men shall be kept neat, clean, and well groomed. No new growth will be permitted during the school year.


Hats and sunglasses may not be worn in class.