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Short-term mission trips are designed to impact the people of Ghana and extend the Kingdom of God. You would be used daily according to the gifts and calling of God placed in you. This opportunity is open to anyone from teens to seniors.

We recommend a two-week mission to make a maximum impact. However, we will plan the length of your trip to accommodate your time frame.

What will I do?

You’ll have the opportunity to participate in street evangelism, crusades, teaching seminars, children’s ministry, hospital visitation, prison ministry, and orphanages.

What will I see?

Contrasts! Contrasts of brightly colored traditional Ghanaian clothing to Western clothing. Contrasts of nice buildings to mud huts with thatched roofs. Contrasts of ocean shoreline to inland vegetation. One thing will be constant . . . the beautiful smiles of the Ghanaian people and their gentle nature.

What will it cost?

Between $2,600 to $2,900, depending on air fare, whether you already have a passport, what vaccinations you need, and your domestic flight to the point of departure.

How do I sign up?

Fill out and submit the online application form.

ETHBC offers an opportunity to serve as a visiting lecturer for one or two semesters.

What will I do?

You would have the opportunity to teach between four to five classes within that semester. In addition, you will have the opportunity to minister weekly through all the student ministry programs, and have opportunity to minister in various local churches in the local area depending on your God-given gifts.

What are the requirements?

  • A minimum of two years Bible College (or institute) training.
  • Submission of a completed application, which includes the recommendations of your pastor, a friend, and your spouse if you have one.

Acceptance is determined by the ETHM Board of Directors following review of your application and transcripts.

What will it cost?

The initial cost is estimated to range from $2,600 to $2,900 depending on air fare, whether you already have a passport, what vaccinations you need, and your domestic flight to the point of departure. You will also be responsible for your living expenses, which are estimated to range from $500 to $700 a month.

How do I apply?

Fill out and submit an application form online.

Pastor Phil L
Pastor Phil L

As it was the previous year, this trip to Ghana was a kingdom-expanding trip. I would estimate that more than 250 people were saved per day for 12 days, and as many or more were healed of various ailments, delivered from demonic oppresions, healed of broken hearts, backsliders came back to God, and many other answers to earnest, heartfelt prayers were seen in the lives of the people of Ghana.

As for Aaron and Grace Anthony and their staff, they outdid themselves in organizing, coordinating, and supplying the many and varied needs of such a venture. We told them we wanted to labor in the harvest fields and boy did we! Aaron’s crew of interpreters from End Time Harvest Bible College were fantastic, supportive, and enthusiastic! All in all it was an exceedingly successful trip and great thanks to Aaron, Grace, and all the staff!

Bobbi P.
Bobbi P.

God showed up strong and mighty in every area of ministry we did! We saw so many children and families touched by the Vacation Bible School outreaches. Children are the key in Ghana in reaching people with the Gospel. The whole village will come out to see!

Hospital and jail ministry allowed us to touch souls in the darkest and most hopeless of places with the love of Jesus. Women’s ministry in Ghana is such a blessing to the beautiful Ghanaian ladies, for they work very hard to provide for their families and they do not often have opportunity to be ministered to.

Our Crusade ministry experiences were simply amazing to witness and be part of. The power of God and the movement of the Holy Spirit were very strong as we saw people delivered from addiction and demonic spirits. So many people were healed from health issues, and most importantly, hundreds of people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

Pam S
Pam S.

What an incredible cultural and spiritual experience for me!

Our mission experiences included ministry to women at various churches (even a foot washing service), ministry in the women’s prison, VBS with children, visits to the Bible College and participating in several nightly crusades where we prayed with Ghanaians for healing.

I saw God at work and the power of the Holy Spirit manifested in ways I had never seen in America. Mission experiences in Ghana stretched me and enriched me greatly. I saw a very BIG God at work!! I am grateful to the Lord for the opportunity to have gone to Ghana.

Pastor Matt Z.
Pastor Matt Z.

In my two trips to Ghana, I preached and served at a three-night open-air crusade, taught at a leadership conference challenging local pastors on fulfilling their calling, and taught at the Bible College, equipping future pastors (my favorite!). It was an awesome time of impartation and ministry.

At every church I ministered or served in, there was always at least one, and sometimes many, ETHBC graduates serving, often in pastoral or leadership roles. This is an amazing testimony to the impact End Time Harvest Bible College is having throughout Ghana.

I have great confidence that I invested my time and finances well. If you’re looking for a life-changing missions experience, prayerfully consider ETHBC.

Patricia N.
Patricia N.

We had so much fun sharing Jesus with the women and children. They want to learn everything they can.  It was a privilege to share with them, to teach them truths from the Word.

They are in great need of many things, but they hunger to grow in Jesus.

Pastor Troy K.
Pastor Troy K.

My sons and I were blessed to take part in a short term missions trip to Ghana with End Time Harvest Ministries. What an incredible experience that was for us!

Aaron and Grace are some of the most dedicated missionaries I’ve met and have an incredible ministry. The experience was both powerful and diverse. Their broad ministry affords the teams with many opportunities for ministry. You don’t have to be a preacher or a teacher to find a place to serve. Prisons, hospitals, schools, churches, crusades–all were a part of our ministry there.

I highly recommend a trip to Ghana with ETHM.

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