Congrats Grads!

Congratulations, Class of 2014!

A Benchmark! Our First Part-Time Bachelors Degrees!

These six students (upper right) attended Saturday classes for six years to earn their fully accredited Bachelors of Biblical Studies!

We are proud of all of our graduates, but we must salute the perseverance of these six.

Full-Time Bachelors Degree

Part-Time Bachelors Degree

Full-Time Two-Year diploma

Full-Time Two-Year Diploma

Part-Time Three Year Diploma

Part-Time Three-Year Diploma


Vincent Ahun3 - Overall Best Part Time Degree We were blessed to have Dr. Misty Grant President of Logos University, join us this year.

Our degrees are issued through an articulation agreement with Logos University, Jacksonville, FL.  Dr. Grant and Mary Anthony have worked together, beginning in the year 2003.  Since 2004, our partnership has brought this blessing to our students to be able to earn a fully accredited Bachelors Degree. 

Emmanuel Atta-Mensah2 Mary Badu Bosompem2

Smiling Faces Tell the Story! 

Never Too Old!
This lady earned her Bachelors Degree at the age of 71 years young!
Helena Mends 1x
Charge to the Graduates 1 Aaron’s Charge…Go!
Impact your generation for Jesus Christ!



Tuition for one student is $130 each semester.
This includes class handouts.
Dorm fees are $50 each semester.


13th Graduation Ceremony

By Aaron Anthony, Chancellor

It was a glorious day on October 18, as we celebrated our 13th graduation at the Essipon Sports Stadium.  The stands were filled with enthusiastic guests as they watched 51 graduates receive their various diplomas, degrees, and awards.   When I look back to our beginning class of ten students in 2001 who graduated in 2002, I am amazed at what the Lord has accomplished.   From that first class of ten, we now have graduated our 522nd graduate. And, from that first class of ten, one returned two years ago to complete her Bachelors degree, graduating this year!

Since that first graduating class, soul-winning during the school year has grown from two hundred that first year to over 2,500 each year!  As I stood before all the graduates releasing the charge into their lives, the anointing of the Holy Spirit came down.  I challenged them to go forth in the anointing to preach the gospel, liberate those who are in captivity; to cause blind eyes to open; to go forth as flaming arrows, released into this dry and parched world to spread revival fires wherever they go.  The heartbeat of Jesus to make disciples goes with these graduates.

From two hundred spectators at that first graduation sitting on the college site where the center round building now stands, on October 18th we  hosted over 2,000 spectators in the African Cup soccer stadium!   At the end of the ceremony, the people who were in the stands left their seats and stormed down onto the grounds and celebrated in dance and jubilation with their loved ones!  What a joy to see the facial expressions on our students; expressions of joy, expressions of excitement, expressions of thankfulness!

Thank you each and every one of you who partner with this ministry. Truly, you are not merely effecting the life of one student, but to all those who have been ministered to while they were students, and all those who will be ministered to by these graduates, both within Ghana, and in the foreign nations of the world as they are sent forth like flaming arrows!