Congrats Grads!

2017 Graduation–Takoradi Campus

The 16th Graduation Ceremony took place once again at Essipon Sports Stadium, where a total of 45 men and women received their Diplomas and Bachelors Degrees!

Congratulations to each graduating class!

Valedictorian Benjamin Forson
Part-Time Diploma Class

Bright Johnson earned the Valedictorian Award for the Bachelor’s Degree Curriculum!

His father passed away one week before graduation. Bright earned a total of four awards and delivered a moving speech in spite of his loss.

Graduates receiving prayer

Mass jubilation following dismissal

Tarkwa Campus Site 2017 Graduation

Valedictorian Kwame Boateng

Rev. Mal Anthony sang a Ghanaian song, “Aseda,” and brought the audience to their feet as they sang along with him!

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