Pastor Aaron and family return to Ghana after great ministry trip home to USA

They had opportunity to speak about the ministry and minister the Gospel in twelve churches, traveling some 2,500 miles. Aaron also got to meet over lunch with two other pastors to share all that God has been doing in Ghana.  Their presentation as a family on behalf of the ministry is always a blessing to all.  He writes the following:

It was such a blessing to see so many of you these past few months. Our stay back in the U.S. has been extremely busy, either traveling each week to speak on behalf of the ministry, or working towards the preparation of the arrival of the container. Although we were very busy, it was a different type of busy. Now we look forward to continuing the journey the Lord has given us the privilege of walking in.

As we head back to Ghana, please pray for the nation. Currently, as a nation, they are struggling in so many areas that we take for granted here at home. We are going back to power shortages, where there may be no power up to 12 hours in a day. In addition, there will be water shortages, where you may not have water for three days, and in some places, they receive water only once a week. Politically, economically, and socially, there are many challenges ahead. All of these conditions affect the spiritual climate of the SOUL! Therefore, most importantly, pray for open doors to share the gospel of Jesus Christ! Pray that hardened hearts will be receptive to the message of salvation. Pray for men, women, and young people to hear the message that will bring them love, joy, and peace.

As I return, the rest of the year will be extremely busy. Graduation is only six weeks away. My role as Chancellor is quite different now. I will need to be very active not merely getting graduation ready, but more importantly, assisting the new President of the Bible College, Pastor Ben Agbakli, who for the first time, will organize all things that are necessary for the graduation to take place.

Once graduation is over, we begin the work of enrolling for the new academic year. This will be an exciting year to come as we are enrolling in two different areas for two different campuses!  My time will be split over the next few months in Takoradi and Tarkwa to advertise, and to speak with pastors of the various churches to share the vision of how End Time Harvest Bible College can best serve them and their churches.

In addition to the enrollment, I will be supervising the next phase of the building project, as we will be working to get the concrete ceiling finished. If there will be enough finances following that project, we will continue with the block work to go to the second story! Should you feel led to participate in the financial aspect of constructing this much-needed classroom building, please use the box at the top right side of this page to donate securely, or send your donation to the address beneath the Donate box.

Let us make a combined effort in prayer to see this academic year be our greatest enrollment ever! Grace and I want you to know how much we love our partners, and appreciate your support. May the Lord bless you, and may our heart be as it says in Nehemiah 4:6, “…for the people had a mind to work.” God bless you all. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.


Pastor Aaron